This 7 video collection is a great way to get started or if you have just done a quick orientation take your skills to a proficient level. You can watch all 7 videos in about 2 hrs. The first 4 are rep focused and the last 3 are manager focused.

Playbooks Basics 

Playbooks dashboard, plays, start & filter tasks, skip button, click-to-call, click-to-email, and scheduling calls

Import Lists and Record Management

Getting to records, getting to the list view, import reports, mark plays successful, remove and add to new plays, deleting records, and automation rules


Tracking, auto send vs intelligent send, Vidyard video integration, email templates, best practices

Collective Intelligence

Lead scoring, lead and activity prioritization, email prediction, contact info verification

Reporting (Manager)

What’s working, who’s working, salesforce reports, inbound call paths, call recording, call monitoring

User Management (Manager)

Permissions, provisioning reps, team management, automation rules, custom sorts, gamification

Call and Email Settings (Manager)

Call and email configuration, call dispositioning, call recording, call paths, cRM email sync, company email blacklists, do not track calls

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