Steps and Actions for Administrators and Managers: 

Learn Cadence Best Practices (5 min 32 sec) 

Create email templates and Plays (12 min)

Salesforce Config: Page Layouts, List Views, & Enrollment Reports (7 min 31 sec) 

Complete Playbooks platform settings (11 min 17 sec)

Check out additional manager features and training in our manager guide including

  • User & team management
  • Coaching with call monitoring and recording
  • and Automation Rules 

Additional Training for Sales Reps: 

How to add records to Playbooks (3 min 39 sec) 

How to mark a Play Successful, remove records, & re-assign to a new Play (4 min 27 sec)

How to filter tasks and structure your day using Playbooks (8 min 14 sec) 

You've now got all the information you need to use Playbooks. Become a POWER USER with these other helpful and fun features: Prospecting and Using Playbooks.

And remember, if you get stuck or have a question during your upgrade, call into our Office Hours Conference Line for help.

Happy Selling!

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