A force multiplier to scale growth with lean resources 

Playbooks intelligent sales engagement application, powered by Collective Intelligence buyer insights.


Taradel is a rapidly growing thirty-person direct marketing technology provider for more than 11,000 small business and non-profit clients. The company’s revenues are driven by advertising clients who rely on the company's direct marketing platform to distribute Every Door Direct Mail®offers and digital ads to targeted consumers.

Taradel is one of the early leaders in the use of AI as a Sales advantage among its peers.

In a 2019 State of AI Survey of 600 SMB sales professionals, more than 85.4 percent of respondents stated they expect AI to improve sales performance, but only 30.6 percent are currently using it.

Drive sustained revenue growth while keeping the outbound sales organization lean.

As experts in direct marketing technology, Taradel sets a high bar for sales automation products. They have now been an customer for three years, using the company’s Playbooks intelligent sales engagement application to guide sales actions by automatically mining actionable insights from billions of buyer behavior data points.

Optimize Conversion, Pipeline, and ROI

Taradel receives up to 150 leads a day, which was far too many for their 11-person sales team to process, so many leads went untouched in the past. Now, Playbooks prioritizes leads and prescribes next steps with actionable, prescriptive intelligence. This removes the guesswork from prospecting to accelerate the pipeline, improve forecasting and close more deals. Taradel sales representatives know which leads are ready to engage, as well as how and when to reach out for followup, saving hours per representative and ensuring leads receive the proper attention.

Supercharge Sales Productivity and Effectiveness Playbooks allows Taradel to unlock the productivity and reach of their small sales team. The product automates mundane and complex tasks by putting AI technology to work correlating Taradel data with Collective Intelligence from more than 100 million B2B buyers. By applying advanced technologies to do the work, Taradel eliminates distractions from selling like research, cold calls, CRM searches and updates, and account mapping to ensure Sales is highly efficient and targeted in their outbound sales process. The enhanced visibility into global buyers, gives Taradel a new perspective that informs prospecting, engagement, and forecasting.

Outsmart the Market Through the Practical Application of AI Playbooks removes the complexity associated with AI and data, bundling the global data, data scientists, AI expertise, and support in a turnkey solution that makes AI-driven insights practical for smaller growing companies like Taradel. The product gives Taradel the edge by automating complex analysis to predict buyer behavior, inform prospect engagement, create a better buyer experience and close more deals to fuel growth.

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