When an inbound call comes into the PowerDialer and is presented to a user, the PowerDialer will look at the incoming Caller ID to determine if it is a known contact or lead. But what if the PowerDialer recognizes 1 or more records with the same caller ID? What if it doesn't recognize the number at all?

This article reviews the possible scenarios a user may encounter.


When an inbound call comes in, the Caller ID will be displayed on the dialer panel. If only one Salesforce record matches the incoming Caller ID, the name and company will be displayed in the panel and when the caller accepts the call the record will be opened in Salesforce, and the call task will automatically be associated to that record.


If multiple records are found that match the incoming Caller ID then the most recently dialed record will be displayed in the panel, but you will also see the option to "View Possible Duplicates" in the panel.

If you click the banner to view the possible duplicates, you will be shown the records with matching phone numbers, and you can identify the correct matching record by clicking the 'Sync' icon (which looks like an arrow circle).


If no matches are found or all matches are wrong, you can manually change the call relationship by either

  • Creating a new record in Salesforce
  • or relating the call to an existing record in Salesforce that PowerDialer could not match automatically.

Note: Failure to open/add a record using these buttons on the dialer panel will result in the call tasks being orphaned or attached to the wrong record.


If you need to create a new record, click the Create New Record button, then select the desired Record Type, and a new, blank record will open for you to complete and the call log relationship will automatically change to the new record.


If you'd like to relate the call to an existing record, click the Relate to Existing Record button, then select the desired Object and type in your Record search criteria, click Go, and select the appropriate record for the Record Lookup Results by clicking the “sync” icon.

The appropriate record will open and the call log will re-associate to the newly selected record.

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