At InsideSales, our reporting philosophy is that you should be able to easily combine data from multiple sources into a single source of record...your CRM.

There are two ways that we store and present data: Historical and Current. This tells us not only what we've done, but where are we currently aligned? 

Historical data is saved on the task record. You can evaluate data like:

  • Task Transaction Data
  • Calls Placed
  • Emails Sent
  • Historical Effectiveness

Current data is saved on the Lead or Contact record. You can evaluate data like:

  • Lead/Contact data
  • Who is in what Play?
  • How many records in a Play?
  • How many records in a step?

Sample Reports

Playbooks Success By Step

Question: Which step in a Play am I seeing the most success from?
Summary: This report will give you a historical accounting of where was success achieved. The report is grouped by Play then step #. In the example above, (looking at the "True" column) there was no success on step 1 or 3 of "A Play", but there was 1 success on step 2 and again on step 4.

Interactions By Play

Question: What types of actions have been taken in a Play?
Summary: This report is also a historical report that shows you how many calls, emails, and 'Other' actions in a Play were taken. This is a good adoption report to verify at a glance that the right Plays are being used. For example, you just launched a NEW play and want to make sure your team is working from it. To enhance this report you can first group by Play and then group by user to see which users are using what Plays.

Play Enrollment by Status

Question: What is the status of all records currently in a certain Play?
Summary: This is a 'current view' of the number of records enrolled in Plays and what their current status is: Not Started, In-Flight, Failure, Success, and unenrolled.
Reminder, that if you complete all the steps and it is not marked as 'Success' it automatically marks the Play Status as 'Failure'. More information about tracking the Status can be found here.

Prospects Created in Playbooks

Question: How many prospects are my reps self-sourcing through Playbooks?
Summary: This report is a historical look at the number of prospects a rep self-sources. Since Playbooks is a Chrome extension it can follow a reps online navigation making it convenient to pop-open the extension and add the new lead.
This report only works if you use Leads, and reps are adding the new record using Playbooks (which then pushes the data into Salesforce), instead of directly into Salesforce.

Prospecting Activities By Rep

Question: What have my reps been doing during a certain time frame?
Summary: This report shows you a historical accounting of what a specific rep in a specific time frame completed. How many calls did they make? How many emails did they send, etc..
For a more in-depth adoption report, check out this article.

Other Reports and Articles

There is a whole host of other reports that are available with Playbooks. If you are new to reporting you should check out this article that provides an overview to reporting basics. Check out our other articles about building other basic and advanced reports

Here are some examples of other reporting you can do with Playbooks:

  • Contact Rate by Play / Play Step: How many dials does it take to reach prospects?
  • Average Talk Time per Rep: How much time are my reps on calls?
  • Call Recordings by Rep: What call recordings are available for a specific team or date range?
  • Rep Effectiveness by Contact Rate: When Reps indicate 'Correct Contact' are they actually having conversations?
  • Call Ring Time: How long should reps wait before abandoning a call that is just ringing?
  • Pre-Recorded Voice Messages left: Who is using this high-efficiency tool?
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