Detect CRM Ownership Changes

In many organizations if you are not the owner of a record you shouldn't be working it. Playbooks now has the ability to automatically remove records from Playbooks if it is detected a rep is no longer the owner of a record.

This new functionality is configured on a per-team per-record basis, and support custom ownership fields. Simply edit a team, enable ownership monitoring and then choose which field to monitor.

Other Product Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the un-synced pending emails would not decrease if an email was removed.
  • Fixed an issue where when a placeholder merge field is inserted it put an extra space after the placeholder text.
  • Fixed an issue in automation rules where 15 digit Salesforce IDs for ownership was not working.
  • Fixed a handful of issues around team management.
  • When a rep selects prospects and navigates away the prospects are now no longer selected.
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