Making an email standout among the massive amount of emails your prospects are getting is essential in getting email responses. With the new Vidyard GoVideo integration, all customers now have access to imbed personal video messages into their emails. This integration is free to all Playbooks customers.

Enjoy this quick 2 minute demo!

Watch the full webinar and learn best practices on How to Use Video to Boost Your Pipeline with Gabe Larsen, VP of Marketing and Dan Wardle, Head of Emerging Business at Vidyard.

How to Enable Vidyard GoVideo Feature

The Vidyard GoVideo email integration can be enabled or disabled on a per-permission group level. To change the availability of this feature, simply edit the permission group and change the toggle for "Add Video to Email" permission.

Upon release, all permission groups will have this permission ENABLED by default. If you do not want this functionality enabled, you will need to manually disable it.

Adding Videos to Email
Once the "Add Video to Email" permission has been enabled, users will see a new add video icon anywhere an email is written - while editing a template, creating an email play step, or while composing an email.

When the add video button is pressed, a small video experience will open. At this time, a user will be sent through a quick Vidyard GoVideo setup experience. Users can easily record new videos, or use existing videos in their emails.

Integration Notes

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