A manager might be asked to fill different roles within their organization and using PowerDialer. This article is a quick reference guide to help a manager know common actions that they might take and related articles to give greater detail. 

1 - User and Team Management (Adding Users, Permission Groups)

When you have a new rep join your team, they will need to be added to PowerDialer. Sometimes this falls to a PowerDialer admin, and sometimes it is a manager to completes this onboarding task. 

2 - Call Recordings and Call Monitoring

Call recordings and call monitoring are powerful training tools and all managers should have access to these features for continuous improvement. 

3 - PowerStandings - Gamification

Managers can help keep their teams motivated using PowerStandings Challenges and Achievements. Whether it is the PowerDialer admin or manager that sets up teams, managers should know how their team is configured, what KPIs are being tracked, how to launch a leaderboard, and create new challenges, etc.

4 - Dialing Lists

What is the team's dialing strategy and what lists are created to support that process? Dialing lists are powerful tools to keep a team's strategy organized and consistent across the entire team.

5 - Inbound Calling

If your reps are taking inbound calls, you will want to know what Inbound calling looks like for reps and how inbound if configured in the background, even if you are not the one responsible to setup and maintain the call paths.

This article is intended to be a starting point for new managers. If you still have questions about the InsideSales platform, you can look up other articles or use our Live Chat to speak with a Support agent.

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