PowerDialer customers have a variety of options when prioritizing records. They can use a combination of the following list types depending on their use case(s):

  • Seek Lists: Dynamic lists accessed with the Next Record Button, updated every hour
  • Domino Lists: Static lists accessed with the Next Record Button, ("snapshot in time" list)
  • Salesforce List Views: In conjunction with the Click to Call, users have visibility to the records they need to contact

Seek Lists

Seek Lists are dynamic dialing lists that present reps records for dialing according to business rules set by administrators and managers. Seek Lists refresh each hour, pulling in the appropriate records and removing records that are no longer qualified to be in the list. 

When to use Seek Lists

  • You have a structured process and prioritization of records. For example, always call New Leads first, then Opportunities is a working stage for follow-up, then back to Leads you are working for the 2nd - 8th dial
  • Managers or Admins control the prioritization
  • Implementing a long-term strategy

Best Practices for Seek Lists

  • Be Specific: Select specific users to invite; use 'Limit Calls To' on lists with a small quantity of users; run queries only during hours when they are actually needed
  • Reduce the Number of Queries: Avoid time zone filtering by using calling hours instead; Use one field to enroll a record into a Seek list query - If all records that meet criteria A & B also meet criteria C, only use C
  • Optimize search queries: Use drop-down fields as filter fields instead of open text, get fields indexed (via Salesforce support) 

For more information on Seek List's, check out this article.

Domino Lists

Domino Lists are static dialing lists that present records from a pre-defined list of records that does not change. Once a record has been presented to a rep, the record is removed from the list and will not be presented again. Domino Lists do not refresh – once a record is added it stays in the list regardless if the record ownership or status changes and is technically no longer eligible for the list.

When to use Domino Lists

  • When users can create their own dialing lists
  • Short-term campaigns

For more information on Domino Lists, check out this article.

List Views in Salesforce

List Views are native to Salesforce and when combined with the Click to Call can be one way for users to call thru a list of prospects or contacts. The phone number column should be added to the List View so that users can quickly call right from that view.
(Use the 'Create List' button to turn your List View into a Domino list.)

When to use List Views

  • If users need visibility of who they are calling and have autonomy of who to call
  • When there is no urgency (because List Views are not updated automatically, the page must be refreshed)
  • If you don't need to open the record before calling (for research)

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