Powerdialer needs to have some basic telephony requirements satisfied before it can start transforming your users sales calls for the better. Below are the configurations that you can check with your telephony expert.

Phone System

Powerdialer must have a DID (Direct Inward Dialing/Direct Inbound Number) in order to function. This makes sure that the sales rep gets the call directly instead of stopping at a phone menu or an extension request.

Since InsideSales.com does not provide DIDs and direct SIP integrations are not available, so it is highly recommended to have this worked out within your organization prior.

Here is a handy table of supported telephony configurations to review:

*Some phone providers experience call quality issues that InsideSales.com cannot troubleshoot. If you are experiencing call quality issues, InsideSales.com highly recommends using an on-presence PBX.

Important note: InsideSales.com uses a 2-leg system for reps calling clients. How this works id below:

  • The rep places the call from within InsideSales.com (this is called “connecting to the agent leg”).
  • The system then calls the rep (yes, it calls the rep first, not the client).
  • The rep answers the call that InsideSales made while “connecting to the agent leg”.
  • InsideSales.com then calls the client/prospect.

This is very important to know because to a PBX system, all traffic/calls are considered inbound calls. For this to work properly and ensure smooth call functioning, it is vital that your inbound call concurrency is able to support an open inbound call connection for all reps.

Phone Number Formatting

Another requirement to review for Powerdialer use is the phone number formatting. To put it very simply, phone number must match the E.164 standard, which is: 

  • E.164 is an international numbering plan for public telephone systems 
  • Each assigned number contains a country code (CC), a national destination code (NDC), and a subscriber number (SN). 
  • There can be up to 15 digits in an E.164 number.

You can go over this phone number formatting with your telephony/PBX expert but chances are, the phone numbers in your Salesforce organization are already correct.

Network Configurations

Finally, there are some network configurations to be aware of. Since InsideSales.com is a SaaS model: an active internet connection is required. In addition, InsideSales.com uses websocket technology, so InsideSales.com connection but be allowed through your network firewall(s).

Here’s another handy table!

As a final consideration, Powerdialer integration supports reps who are located in the U.S. and Europe and call will originate from either telephone center depending on the location of the rep.

InsideSales.com Powerdialer is only available in American English and is not localized for any other locations or languages.

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