After you install and authorize PowerDialer for your Salesforce organization, there are a few other changes you can make to make use of all the tool’s features. Making the modifications isn’t hard, just follow the steps below.

Add the PowerDialer Side Panel

First, you can turn on the PowerDialer side panel to improve your team’s productivity. In order to do this, please navigate to the following:

  1. On the upper right of your Salesforce screen, click Setup. This will take you to the backend of Salesforce
  2. Locate the Customize drop down menu on the left side in Setup. From here, you can make changes to pre-existing elements in Salesforce
  3. Locate User Interface and then click the checkbox for ‘Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages’

Once you’ve done this, your users will see the PowerDialer sidebar. This ensures that your Sales Team has a streamlined experience with the PowerDialer tool.

Add Users to the Click-to-Call Panel

Uh oh, is there a ‘License not Authorized’ message on your sidebar? This can be solved by adding your appropriate users to the Call Center. Let’s get that set up now.

  1. Return to the Setup link and click it to return to the Salesforce back end
  2. Head back to the Customize drop down menu as you did before.
  3. This time choose the option Call Center
  4. Choose All Call Centers
  5. Here you will see a link: | Click-to-Call. Please click here

Now it’s time to add the correct users to your Call Center.

  1. In the top right, please click the Manage Call Center Users button
  2. Here, you will add your users to the Call Center. This is also where you go to remove them if necessary, using the Remove Users button.
  3. Click the button Add More Users

See both of these processes in the Gif below:

In this area, you can use the filters to find the users you need to add. For example, you can choose ‘Active’ as a criteria and ‘equals’ ‘True’ to show only users that are indicated as ‘Active’. A second filter, such as ‘Role’ or ‘Profile’ can help you narrow your search even more.

To add the users you found, just click the checkboxes beside their name and click the Add to Call Center button. This adds each one you checked to the users list – no one-by-one adding!

At this point, you have navigated to a Call Center and found the Center: | Click-to-Call. This is the Center you just added your users to. Now it's time to add the | Click-to-Call Call Center to your user’s profile.

  1. Still in the Setup back end area of Salesforce, click Manage Users on the left side of the screen
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click one of the users that will be added to the Call Center. Remember that they must be added to the Call Center as discussed above
  4. Once in the ‘User Detail’ page, click the Edit button
  5. Scroll down and look on the right-hand side. There will be a field named ‘Call Center’
  6. Type in the name of the Call Center, or if you don’t remember the name, type the beginning letters into the field and click the magnifying glass icon next to the field to search and select the correct one
  7. Scroll back up and click the ‘Save’ button

Congratulations! You have now added the first user to your Call Center! They will now see the PowerDialer panel and all its functions. No more ‘License not Authorized’ message!

Repeat these steps for each of the users you added to the Call Center.

From this point, there are even more options you can customize to enable even more productivity for your users. You can add home page elements to the sidebar as well as page and task layouts.

Add Home Page Components to the PowerDialer Sidebar

To add home page components to your PowerDialer sidebar:

  1. Click Setup, then the Customize dropdown on the left side of the screen, click Home for a second dropdown menu, and finally Home Page Layouts. Best Practice - It is recommended to create (or clone) a new page layout for the specific users/profile who will be using InsideSales and give it a clear name. This way you won't accidentally allow access to the wrong user
  2. Click Edit to see the options that you can enable for the sidebar. Choose which will be the most beneficial to your users. You can always return here to change anything in the future. Best Practice -  If your users will be using the PowerDialer interface, you should click the Insidesales Power Tools option, so they can use the quicklink to jump to the PowerDialer panel. If they are not, please leave this unchecked
  3. Click Next to continue
  4. The next step is to ‘Order the Components’. Here, you can arrange the enabled elements on the sidebar to best fit your user’s needs. Use the ‘Top’, ‘Up’, ‘Down’ and ‘Bottom’ buttons to shift the component’s position. You can even view a preview of the component arrangement to make sure it is just right
  5. Choose Save if this sidebar is already assigned on the layout to the correct profile or Save & Assign if you still need to allow a profile to access the new layout

Let’s add more fields to the ‘User Page Layout’, ‘Task Page Layouts’ and ‘Search Page Layouts’ to make your user’s day even easier. 

Add Fields to the User Page Layout

Note - These fields are primarily used for troubleshooting and NOT needed unless a specific authorizer is not able to authorize.

  1. Navigate to your Setup link (you’re becoming a pro at this!).
  2. On the left-hand side in the Customize section, dropdown the Users menu
  3. Click the Page Layouts option
  4. Choose the User Page Layouts section and click Edit next to ‘User Layout’, or which user page layout you would like to edit

From this layout screen, you can drag-and-drop any fields you would like from the top options in the grey box or drag fields that already exist to different places on the layout.

Note - You can add the fields to the 'User Detail' section but it is handy to create a new section for the fields. You can create a new section by dragging the 'Section' button from the top grey box and dragging it to a place you prefer on the layout. 

The fields you can add to your 'User Page Layout' are listed in the table below:

Add Fields to the Task Page

Now let’s move on to adding fields to the ‘Task Layouts’.

  1. Find and click Setup
  2. Locate the Customize section
  3. Click the dropdown menu for Activities
  4. Now click Task Page Layouts
  5. Choose which layout you would like to add the fields to and click edit

Just as you did for the user layout, just drag and drop the fields into the page layout where you would prefer them. Create a new InsideSales section for convenience.

These are great fields for tracking data that can be used in reports.

These are standard fields in your Salesforce instance that are used by

InsideSales managed fields that were created upon installation into Salesforce:

Optional Task Fields

The below fields are optional and must be created manually. For them to work correctly, the API names must match the field exactly as it is demonstrated below. 

To get to the Activities custom fields screen:

  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Look for Customize on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose Activities dropdown
  4. Look for Activity Custom Fields and click
  5. To create the new field, click the New button

Add Manage List Button to your Search Layout

Now, creating a list and using the ‘Manage List’ buttons for your search layouts is just as simple as all the above.

  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Look for Customize on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose Leads dropdown
  4. Look for Search Layouts and click
  5. Now choose Leads List View
  6. Click Edit
  7. Move the ‘Create List’, ‘Manage Lists’ and ‘Launch Click-to-Call’ in the ‘Available Buttons’ box to the ‘Selected Buttons’ box

You can follow these steps for each object you’d like to add the buttons to, such as ‘Account List’, ‘Contacts List’, ‘Cases List’, etc.

To add these fields to the 'Leads,' 'Contacts,' or 'Accounts' objects, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Look for Customize on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose the dropdown for whatever object you are working on
  4. Look for Page Layouts and click
  5. Choose the specific layout you want to modify
  6. Drag and drop the desired field(s) to the layout just as you did when you changed other page layouts

You are well on your way to customizing your PowerDialer and other InsideSales components for your users to greatly improve their efficiency and productivity!

Next Step: Configure your Network for PowerDialer

In order to have PowerDialer for Salesforce (PDSF) work as intended, you may need to whitelist our IP range or domain name in your firewall, proxy server or Salesforce settings. Use this article as your guide.

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