PowerDialer for Salesforce - Fall '18 Update

We are excited to announce the release of the PowerDialer for Salesforce Fall 2018 update. This update includes enhancements to onboarding and offboarding users, call recording restrictions, call monitoring, call logging on transfers and more.  Most enhancements in this release will not have an affect on customers until specific feature flags are enabled. The release will occur on Thursday, Nov 15th at 10:00 pm MDT.  The Salesforce package will be available the following Monday.

To get these latest features, please install the latest version of the PowerDialer for Salesforce from the salesforce AppExchange here.


Key Enhancements

UPDATED: Call Recording Restrictions

Call Recordings Restrictions allows managers to restrict users from recording calls to  specific area codes or countries.  This enhancement introduces an updated experience for admins to configure these settings as well as the ability to restrict international numbers by country.

This enhancement gives admins an improved step-by-step experience when setting up and managing call recording restrictions.  Historically users have only been able to restrict specific area codes for the United States.  Now, admins may also restrict call recordings for specific countries.


  1. The 'Apply rules to call monitoring' will be respected and will work with the new recording restrictions feature. This updated feature is backwards compatible.
  2. This feature will be released to groups of clients at a time beginning November 19th and concluding by the 19.1 release in February.    

Screenshots of New Call Recording Settings Page:


UPDATED: Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring allows customers to monitor current calls and if desired, join a call, and view the record. In addition, a manager may record, stop and resume recordings on current calls.

What it will do:
This enhancement gives admins an improved experience when monitoring calls and eliminates reporting delays during times of high call volume.  


This updated report has full feature parity and backwards compatibility with the previous report.  A manual recording action can still be performed by admins even if the user is disabled from making recordings. 

This feature will be released to groups of clients at a time beginning November 19th and concluding by the 19.1 release in February.



NEW: Enhanced User Management

This feature improves the on-boarding, managing and off-boarding of PowerDialer users by associating PowerDialer licenses to specific salesforce user roles and profiles.

What it will do:
Admins will be able to create groups that inherit specific PowerDialer licenses and settings.  Groups are identified by specific Salesforce user roles and profiles.  Thereafter, a user assigned to a salesforce Role and/or Profile will assume the appropriate PowerDialer settings including an assigned Call Center, Click-to-Call License, Inbound Calls License, and a Direct Inbound Number.  

When a user is no longer with the company or changes roles and no longer needs access to the PowerDialer, administrators may remove them from their Salesforce Role and Profile.  This will immediately cause the user to be removed from their assigned Call Center, their InsideSales Licenses will be recycled, and their Direct Inbound Number will be recycled. 

Basic functions:

  1. Assign Click-to-Call, Inbound Licenses & Direct Inbound Numbers to groups of agents by Salesforce Role or Profile.
  2. Automatically configure default Salesforce user settings.
  3. Off-board users and automatically recycle Licenses and Direct Inbound Numbers.
  4. Allow managers to specify the number of days a Direct Inbound Number should ‘rest’ before being assigned to a new agent.
  5. Notify a manager when Licenses and Direct Inbound Numbers are running low and if they reach zero.


Add remote site settings for the Insidesales subdomain. 

  • Obtain Your Insidesales Subdomain
  1. Go to your Insidesales access user settings > Personal Information
  2. Copy the value in the Inside Sales Subdomain field.
  • Create a New Remote Site
  1. Open your Administration setup > Remote Site Settings
  2. Click Add a new Remote Site
  3. Give the new remote site a name, something like ‘Enhanced User Management’ is fine.
  4. Paste your Insidesales subdomain into the Remote Site URL field with the following format:https://[InsidesalesSubdomain].insidesales.com
  5. Click Save


  1. If a user matched the role or profile of more than one group, their rights are additive among all the matching groups.  Managers can continue to manually configure users using the current ‘Manager Users’ functionality, but all users who match the rules associated to a group will be automatically updated to the group settings each night.  If an account runs out of available Direct Inbound Numbers, then new users may be assigned Direct Inbound Numbers that are currently in ‘rest’
  2. Direct inbound numbers that are unassigned from a user are not automatically assigned to a default call path
  3. In order to enable this feature, customers should contact their Insidesales.com representative
  4. Only users who have the 'User Management' option selected in their account details will be assigned or unassigned licenses from the groups created. Admins should ensure that the 'Access user' account does not have this option enabled
  5. When a group is updated, the system will immediately update all the users with that appropriate licenses and settings that correspond to the group
  6. If the Insidesales user field is unchecked on the user, the license will be removed
  7. If you deactivate a user in SalesForce, PowerDialer will release the user's license regardless of any change in their role or profile


  1. Click the ‘Insidesales’ tab > Click on ‘Enhanced User Management’.

2. Click ‘Options’ to set the default user settings, number of rest days for Direct Inbound Numbers, and account Notifications.


UPDATED: Call Logging on Transfers

When a call is transferred to another agent within the organization who is using PowerDialer and who is set to ‘Ready for Inbound’, a second call log will be created and associated to the agent that received the transferred call.  This enhancement will improve call logging by appropriately giving credit of the remainder of the transferred call to the agent who received it rather than crediting the call to the first agent.


Other Improvements:

*Automation- Rollup triggers fail for too many records - Unable to save call logs on certain records - trigger framework Salesforce
*Call Log-
Call log not automatically expanding when making or receiving a new call
Click to Call-
Click to Call not opening on an inbound call in Lightning
*Click to Call- After hitting 'Save and Complete' Call logs remain on the page
*Enhancement- Enable SMS for UK numbers
*Inbound- Inbound window not popping up in the morning, uses had to reset the panel
Inbound- Inbound calls are populating with a 'Query Name' field value when they shouldn't
*Reporting- ISDC Query Name Task Field incorrectly filled during Ad-hoc calling (Lightning)
Reporting- Call durations showing up blank: Manual dial (dial error) impression created
*Seek List- Seek list report doesn't work when created with filter logic and has more than 2,000 records
*Seek List- Dialing rule filter fields not changing dynamically for an opportunity
*Seek List-  Prevent duplicate filters in a Seek List (Non-report based Seek)
*Seek List- Records with invalid phone numbers appearing in Seek List
*Seek List- Remove filter row doesn't remove from advanced filters (Non-report based Seek)
*Seek List- Added more error handling for Seek & Domino Lists

Improvements denoted with '*' will require a package upgrade 

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