Track and Sync is designed to, among other things, replace Absolute Automation and provide a way to more quickly improve the product going forward. Accordingly there are several differences in Track and Sync compared to Absolute Automation. Explore those differences below. 

New in Track and Sync

  1. Dramatically less storage drain in Salesforce due to no longer using a custom object and handling unsynced/pending emails differently.
  2. Track and Sync logs attachments to Salesforce Files rather than as attachments in order to work better with lightning and take advantage of Salesforce's emphasis on files.  
  3. Playbooks for Outlook for O365 users available for free as part of the package. 
  4. Available for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.  

Not Available in Track & Sync

  1. No ability to auto-create contacts from accounts.
  2. No custom object (you'll have to add a special filter to not count duplicate emails logged when there are multiple recipients).
  3. Fewer administrative settings (we've deprecated those which were rarely or never used). 

Learn how to turn on Track and Sync and wind down Absolute Automation


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