Track and Sync was built, in part, to provide an updated, more performant option for customers using Absolute Automation. We built it to take care of the same problem - getting emails synced to the CRM without requiring reps to remember or do any manual work - while requiring less storage, building on a platform to enable faster updates, and including email tracking (available for O365 only currently). 


Switch from Custom Object to Activities

In order to keep emails around after disabling Absolute Automation and it's associated custom object we need to store emails in Salesforce Activities. This can be done by going to Admin >> Email-to-Activity and checking the Copy Emails to Activities checkbox. 

This takes care of emails between now and the time you make the switch. Next you'll want to copy all existing emails to Activities in Salesforce.

Copy Activities to Tasks in Absolute Automation

In order to copy all existing emails stored in the custom object to Salesforce activities you'll go to Admin >> Email-to-Activity >> and click the "Copy emails to Activities" checkbox.

Create Your Track & Sync Account With Your Account Manager

After migrating your emails to Activities in Salesforce you can contact your account manager or strike up an conversation on using chat to request that a Track and Sync account be created. 

Once your account is created you'll receive an email to the Track and Sync platform and will be guided through a the setup process including connecting to your CRM, selecting your email provider, setting up your teams, and creating your blacklists. 

IMPORTANT: leave the Inbound and Outbound sync off for the time being so that emails don't double log until you turn off Absolute Automation.

Turn Off Absolute Automation

Once you've add your users to Track and Sync we recommend you do the following in rapid succession: 

  1. Toggle on Email Syncing in Track and Sync
  2. Turn off Absolute Automation for all users

Once Absolute Automation is turned off for all users and syncing is turned on in Track and Sync you can safely uninstall the Absolute Automation package. 



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