Many managers and reps want to record their email conversations in the CRM to maintain a clear view of what has happened with each prospect. In the past this has required manual intervention through reps manually copying and pasting these emails to the CRM or using a BCC to Salesforce tool.

Playbooks now takes care of all of this automatically - reps never have to remember to sync emails and managers and reps get the full email history on each lead or contact in the CRM. 

Enabling CRM Sync

This feature must first be enabled by an admin or manager from the manager app. CRM sync can be turned on globally and adjusted per user as needed. 

Control What Gets Synced

Managers and reps can add email addresses, domains, and phrases to a blacklist in order for those types of emails to be ignored. 

This allows companies to avoid logging sensitive emails such as:

  • Offer letters
  • Acquisition information
  • Emails with sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) from customers 

The blacklist can be set both globally in the manager app and on a per rep level. 

Emails Without CRM Records

When Playbooks detects an email that doesn't have a corresponding record in the CRM it will show up in the Unsynced Emails page.  There, reps will be able to ignore the email, blacklist the email address, or create a record in the CRM to log future emails to. 

Unsynced Emails are stored in Playbooks for 30 days before being discarded. 

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