Several customers using Powerdialer or other products want the ability to track emails and sync them to the CRM. For this purpose we've built Playbooks Track and Sync - a simple way to take advantage of our new tracking and syncing platform. 

Email Tracking 

Tracking is available currently only for Office365 customers through out Playbooks for Outlook extension. This allows tracking opens, clicks, and downloads from any email in Outlook. Learn more about this feature here

CRM Sync

Email to CRM sync is available for any O365 or Gmail user and allows users to automatically sync all inbound and outbound emails to the CRM without any manual work. Learn more about this feature here. 

Moving from Absolute Automation

Track and Sync was built in part to provide an improved version of the email syncing benefits that Absolute Automation provides. This means Absolute Automation will eventually be sunsetted and replaced byTrack and Sync which requires less storage, gets more frequent product updates, and faster support.


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