You will also see the newly installed package by navigating to Setup > Build > Installed Packages. Below is a list of installed components.

New Fields

Note:  You will need to add the Playbooks Custom Fields to their respective Page Layouts in Salesforce if you want them to be displayed for your users.

Due to the nature of unmanaged packages, fields and reports created/installed from a Playbooks Unmanaged Package cannot be updated by future versions of the package. However, components can be edited and deleted more easily than in a managed package.

New Reports


  1. Create a Permission Set with the correct Field Accessibility. It is recommended to create a "Basic User Permission Set", then clone it and save as the Integration User Permission Set. Be sure to modify the new "Integration User Permission Set" using the Field Accessibility list as your guide.
  2. Configure your Salesforce account for Playbooks. Step 4 of the setup guide describes the configuration changes you will need to make in your Salesforce org for Playbooks to run successfully.
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