will soon (Fall 2018) be upgrading their network infrastructure from passive to active protection against future Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This change will positively impact all PowerDialer and Lead Management Platform (LMP) customers with enhanced redundancy aimed to improve our customer’s experience and performance. In preparation for this change, all PowerDialer customers that are currently restricting IP login access to Salesforce globally or by profile will need to whitelist these additional IP addresses. The new IP addresses range is: –

Customers should also update their corporate firewall and proxy restrictions to include access to and from these IP addresses to avoid any disruption of service.

Existing IP addresses will be utilized in parallel until all customer traffic has been migrated to utilize the new IP address space. Future communication will be sent out to all customers once migration is complete, at which time you can remove the legacy IP addresses from any whitelist.

We appreciate your attention and compliance on this issue. If you have any questions you can contact your CXM or our Support Team (via chat or phone support).

Adding a Trusted IP Range in Salesforce

  1. Add a trusted IP address or range in Salesforce by browsing to Setup > Security Controls > Network Access. (Or type ‘Network Access’ in the Quick Find box.)
  2. Click the New button
  3. Add the starting IP address and the end IP address
  4. Recommended description:
  5. Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the timeline to complete this?
    This should be completed by November 1, 2018. If you are not able to complete by November 1, 2018 please notify your CXM or our Support Team.
  • Are there changes to the Host Name? What is the Host Name?
    There is no change to the Host name. We own the IP block. Customers can check this site for details.
  • What ports should be whitelisted?
    The same ports should be whitelisted as the before: 9900-9999.
  • Should I remove the existing IP range now?
    No. Removing the existing IP range COULD result in the loss of services to Please wait until future communication is sent out notifying customers that the migration is complete. 
  • What type of protocol is this?
    Traffic protocol used is TCP/UDP. 
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