Work with your dedicated technical resource to provision a Playbooks account OR if you are interested in a free 7-day Trial you can enter the necessary information from the website. Either way you will need to gather and provide the following information: 

  • Integration User Details. Playbooks will require an API enabled account to gather information as well as upsert information like tasks completed. In order to provision the Playbooks account, InsideSales will need the Integration User’s First Name, Last Name, and email address. (Note: The email address needs to be an actual email address where email can be delivered.) Check out this article for more information about the Integration User.
  • Geographical Location(s) of Users. Currently Playbooks can be provisioned for North America, EMEA, and APAC (with some exclusions). Consideration of     where callers and callees are physically located is important in order to provide the best possible call quality.
  • Credential Type (Sign-On Preference). Playbooks can require a unique     login/password or it can utilize the user’s existing CRM login (similar to single sign-on). Note: Sandboxes do not have the ability to use Sign On with Salesforce option. In order to enable Sign-On with Salesforce, you must provide the Integration User's Salesforce user ID.
  • Is this a Sandbox or Production? Please indicate if this Playbooks account will be configured for a Sandbox or Production org. 

Once your Playbooks account is provisioned, the Integration User will receive a welcome email from Check the junk folder in case you don’t see it in your inbox. 

Next Step:

Click on the green button in your Welcome email and either create a Password, or you will be automatically directed to the next step to install the Unmanaged Package.

(If you indicated your sign-on preference during provisioning is to use a unique login/password versus the Sign-On with Salesforce, then this email will have a green button to 'Create Password'. If you selected the Sign-On with Salesforce option then the green button will say 'Get Started' and you won't need to create a unique password.)

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