Custom Performance Indicators allow managers to set up KPIs and award rep points. Manager and Admins are no no longer subject to the standard metrics that provides. You will now be able to award points form Setting Appointments to Converting Leads to adding specific values to a field. 

Below are the steps that will take you through the process of creating the Performance Indicator link, Setting up a Salesforce Workflow and completing the Workflow Action.

Playbooks Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Playbooks Manager App
  2. Select 'Settings' from the top row of tabs
  3. Find 'Performance Indicators' 
  4. Either click on the link or the green '+' to create a new custom KPI
  5. Name your KPI and insert the points you would like to award your user
  6. Last you will click 'Save & Get URL'

Next steps will be taken within Salesforce on the workflow object.

Salesforce Workflow Setup:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup menu and do a quick search for 'Workflow Rules'
  2. Create a new rule by clicking the 'New Rule' button
  3. Select the object that will trigger a KPI event (most often it will be a Task, Lead, or Contact)
  4. Name your Rule and give it a description
  5. Choose an Evaluation Criteria that fits best for your situation (Most situations will call for 'created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria)
  6. 'Rule Criteria' will be the field values evaluated before the workflow can be triggered. Below is an example.

Workflow Action Setup:

After the workflow has been setup you will be asked to configure the Action

  1. Select the 'Add Workflow Action' button
  2. Choose 'New Outbound Message'
  3. Fill out the Name and description (should be similar to the workflow name)
  4. For the 'Endpoint URL'  you will use the link produced from Playbooks Manager when you clicked the 'Save & Get URL' button 
  5. Make sure your Integration User is listed in the 'User to send as'
  6. In the Available Fields section, select 'ID' and 'Last Modified By ID'
  7. Click 'Save'

Things to note:

  • Playbooks leaderboards can only report the count of a KPI not amounts such as currency
  • When creating a Learderboard you can use 'Overall Points' to give you total points accumulated for each person on the team
  • Playbooks only supports 'Last Modified By Id" for task fields to send
  • If you are having troubles with the Workflow firing you can add an email action that will send you an email to confirm the Workflow is working correctly 
  • Points are not retroactive from when Custom KPI is created.
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