Reps can now have a dedicated inbound number that automatically logs and records all inbound calls the rep receives, ensuring they get the credit they deserve for these critical sales interactions. When a prospect calls the direct inbound number, the call is sent to the specific rep’s station phone.

We recommend using direct inbound numbers in situations where a rep needs a number to put on a business card or in their email signature.

To Assign Direct Inbound Numbers (For Managers):Direct inbound numbers are assigned to reps through the Playbooks manager tool. Simply find the rep on the teams tab, click "Change" under the Direct Inbound Number section, and select an available number. 

NOTE: Numbers will only appear if they've been assigned to your account. Contact your Customer Experience Manager or InsideSales support to get new numbers assigned to your account.

Using Direct Inbound Numbers as Caller-ID (For Reps):
Once a direct inbound number has been assigned to a rep, it will automatically start routing all inbound calls to the rep's station number. Reps can use this number as their caller ID on outbound calls by changing their caller ID to direct inbound in the Playbooks extension.

Changing the station phone can be done in Settings, under the Phone menu. If the option to select direct inbound number as your caller ID is not there, a direct inbound number has not been assigned to you by your administrator.

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