(NEW FEATURE) Assigning a payment method per subdomain 

You can now specify payment methods per subdomain. You can also set payment methods to be the default or 1-time use only. 

To add a payment method, click the “Add Payment Methods” button and enter your payment information. Then on the payment method’s view select subdomain from the dropdown (see image below) and click the “Update Account” button. Your changes won’t be saved until you click the “Update Account” button.

(BUG FIX) Added the subdomain to the Dialer Minutes line item.

Some customers manage multiple instances of the PowerDialer or Playbooks under one account. Each instance or subdomain is represented as its own line item for licenses and dialer minutes in the Purchased Products tab.

We have added the “Subdomain” to the dialer minutes line item. Without the Subdomain listed, adding dialer minutes was a guessing game to know which subdomain you were adding dialer minutes to.

(BUG FIX) Invoice tab using the wrong field on invoices.

Previously, the Due Date, Terms, Invoice Date were referencing incorrect/duplicate fields in our CRM. This has been corrected and should reflect the correct Due Date, Terms, and Invoice Date. If you notice incorrect data work with your CXM to verify and correct.

(BUG) Zero cost admin licenses removed from billing portal. 

In unique situations, some customers have negotiated a zero-cost admin license. They were previously listed on the Billing Portal but have now been removed. If you have questions about need your zero-cost license talk to your CXM.

(BUG) New licenses assigned to incorrect subdomain.

Sometimes, for customers with sandboxes and multiple subdomains, when purchasing licenses, the new licenses were assigned to the wrong subdomain (ex: to sandbox instead of production). This has been corrected with the subdomain being designated on the product line item. If you notice incorrect license assignments, please contact your CXM to resolve.

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