The KPI Totals Adjuster Tool allows managers and admins with the permission  the ability to edit KPI totals for PowerDialer users. For example, let's say you've setup a workflow rule to automatically track when a user sets an appointment. But, in rare circumstances, an appointment is set thru unconventional channels. You can use the KPI Totals Adjuster to give the rep credit for those appointments.


Users need the KPI Totals Adjuster permission in the ISDC Permission Group enabled to access the tool.

  1. Click on the InsideSales tab.
  2. Under the PowerStandings section locate and click on the link KPI Totals Adjuster.

USING THE TOOL: Set the Search Criteria

  • Date Range: Select the appropriate range from the dropdown of when the event occurred (Today, This Week, This Month, This Quarter)
  • KPM: Select the KPM (key performance metric) impacted. Only active KPMs will be listed in this dropdown. 
  • Agent: (Optional) Type in the name of the Agent you are adjusting the totals for. If left blank, the names of all individuals in the team will be presented after you click Search.
  • Team: Select the team for the agent(s) you wish to edit.

After setting the criteria, click Search.

USING THE TOOL: Adjust an Agents Totals

A list of all agents on that team will appear and you can then click Edit next to the agent you wish to adjust. 

  • Action: Select to either Increase or Decrease the agent's KPMs.
  • Amount: Designate the number of dials, emails, etc., as the amount to increase or decrease by. (Example, if the agent's KPI total is 16, but should be 14, enter "2".)
    Time Metrics: Enter the number of minutes as the amount.
    Currency Metrics: Enter the decimal currency amount. (Example: $3.14)
  • As of: Enter the date and estimate of the time when the event took place. Changing a KPI Total for a time period that a Leaderboard or Challenge is currently tracking will cause the data to change.
  • Reason: Enter a description of the event in the text field. Consider adding "Approved By" information if other than the admin making the change since this will be recorded in the Field History below. 

After entering the adjustment criteria, click Save.

Note: Using the KPI Totals Adjuster will not affect any reporting.
Points can not be adjusted on their own through the KPI Total Adjuster. Changing a KPI total will cause the users points to increase or decrease by the point amount for the selected KPI.

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