PowerStandings Challenges can be setup by PowerDialer Managers and Admins to drive Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which motivate individuals and teams to push themselves to the next level. They can be one-time or recurring (daily, weekly, or monthly).

To Create a New Challenge:

  1. Click on the InsideSales tab
  2. Click on "Challenges" in the PowerStandings section
  3. Click "Create New Challenge" (or click "Edit" next to an existing challenge)
  4. Define Challenge Settings
  5. Define Challenge Requirements
  6. Set Points Reward Settings
  7. Click Save

Challenge Settings:

  • Challenge Name - Consider something fun and descriptive, such as Friday Dialing Frenzy.
  • Type - Agent vs Agent puts all agents within the selected teams against each other. Team vs Team will put 2 or more entire teams against each other.
  • Teams - Regardless of type, you must choose which teams will participate in the Challenge.
  • Challenge Time Period - Choose between "One Time", "Recurring Daily", "Recurring Weekly" or "Recurring Monthly".
  • Start & End - Determines the time frame for the challenge
  • Description - This field doesn't display anywhere and is for your reference only. 

Challenge Requirements:

  • Type - This should always say "Timed Event"
  • KPI - Select the KPI which will be measured in your challenge. You may only use one KPI per challenge
  • Value/Operator - This field initially says "Value", but when you select "Timed Event" for the Type field, it changes to "Operator"

Points Rewards Settings:

  • Points Reward - Enter the number of points that will be awarded to the agent in the given rank.
  • Rank - Enter the number for which rank you would like to earn the amount of points in the Points Reward box. (1 = First Place Agent/Team, 2 = Second Place Agent/Team, etc.)

When these fields are filled out, click "Add Points Reward" and they will be added to the box immediately underneath and you will be able to add another Points Reward.
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Adding to the Widget:

In order for challenges to show up on the PowerStandings Personal Widget, you must add a "Challenge" type widget to the Team's 'Standing Bar'  during team setup. Otherwise, your reps won't see when they have an active challenge!
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Once you've added the widget to the relevant team(s), when the challenge becomes active, your reps will see this:

Best Practices:

  • Consider mixing team-based challenges periodically with individual-based challenges.
  • Smaller time ranges (e.g. “Power Hours”) are best for frequently occurring metrics such as Dials. 
  • Make sure your Points Rewards for Challenges are generally consistent with how you reward points for Achievements, regular KPIs, etc.


Achievements are badges that recognize milestone achievements based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Once unlocked, an achievement stays on the user's profile for the life of the account.

To Create a New Achievement:

  1. Go to the InsideSales tab
  2. Click on "Achievements" in the PowerStandings section
  3. Click "Create New Achievement" (or click "Edit" next to an existing achievement)
  4. Enter Achievement Settings
  5. Define Achievement Requirements
  6. Specify Quantity Needed for Each Level

Achievement Settings:

  • Achievement Name - This is what will display on the "Manage Achievements" page as well as when the achievement is earned
  • Teams - Selects which PowerStandings Teams are able to earn the achievement
  • Description - This field doesn't display anywhere and is for your reference only

Achievement Requirements:

  • KPI - This dropdown controls which action the Achievement will track
  • Rate - Determines the rate at which tracking refreshes (for example, agents must make 100 dials in 1 day)

Quantity Needed for Each Level:

  • KPI Requirement -  Once the agent reaches the number in this box, they will receive a notification and points will be awarded
  • Points Reward - This number controls how many points an agent will receive when they complete this Achievement
  • Edit Badge - If you click this button, it will pop-up a window that will allow you to change the color and the icon on the Achievement badge.
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