The Personal Widget helps keep reps focused on important activities while showing them how they rank among their PowerStandings Teams.

Add the PowerStandings Widget to Your Sidebar

The setup portion of this guide is designed for Salesforce Classic. If you are trying to set up the PowerStandings Widget in Lightning Experience, please follow this link:

In order to see the widget, it needs to be added on your Home Page Layout. After it is added there, you can add it to all of your Salesforce pages.

1 - In Salesforce, go to Setup , then Customize
2 - Navigate to the 'Home' object, then 'Home Page Layouts'
3 - Click 'Edit' next to the Home Page layout assigned to Sales Reps licensed to use PowerDialer
4 - Check the box next to 'PowerStandings Sidebar'.
Note: DO NOT check the 'PowerStandings' checkbox

5 - Click 'Next'
6 - Move the PowerStandings Sidebar widget up or down in the list of components. (It is recommended to raise it as high as possible so that it is easily seen by Sales Reps.) 

7 - Click "Save"

Adding the Widget to All Pages:

After you have followed the instructions above to add the PowerStandings Sidebar to the Home Page Layout, you will need to make the widget appear on other pages in Salesforce.
Note: While the widget will populate on all record pages after enabling this setting, some other types of pages will not populate the widget.

  1. Navigate to the "User Interface" section of setup in Salesforce
  2. Check the "Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages" checkbox
  3. Click "Save"

Using the Widget:

After the widget has been enabled, simply add a user to a PowerStandings Team to have the widget populate in their Salesforce sidebar. With the widget, users can:

  • Access their PowerStandings Profile
  • Issue a Throwdown
  • Quickly see how they rank compared to other members of their teams in important KPIs
  • See the status of any active Challenges.

Customizing the Widget:

Admins and Managers can change which KPIs appear on the widget and the time frame of reporting for those KPIs. All of this is done in the 'Manage PowerStandings Teams' page on the InsideSales tab. For more information on this topic, follow this link:

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