Playbooks doesn't function within Chrome incognito, if you are working on testing to resolve an issue that might be related to cache or needing to test chrome settings as being the culprit. 

Below are the steps in setting up a new profile in chrome that won't have any cache or cookies saved and will behave has a new browser to rule out any issues related to Chrome.

  1. Start by clicking on the username in the top right corner
  2.  You will then select 'Manage people'
  3. In the bottom right select 'Add Person'
  4. Give the profile a name and choose an avatar 
  5. Once you click 'Add' you should have a new window open with a chrome welcome message

Once you have followed these steps you will be given a new browser window to test. This will be a clean slate so any passwords, bookmarks or extensions will not be saved. 

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