Billing- We've added the Salesforce Org ID and Subdomain to the email notifying you that your dialer minutes are low
Call Logging- We added a notification to let you know if you're trying to close the Inbound window and you have a required field that isn't filled out.
Call Recording Encryption- Calls will now be encrypted when in transit and at rest.
Caller ID- You can remove Company Phone as an option for Caller-ID.
Inbound- Made the words “Do not minimize this window” on the Inbound Window to help remind reps not to close the window.
Inbound- When searching for a record to match an inbound call to, if we found a match, and you clicked Show Duplicates, we would show all duplicates of the same record type (Leads, Accounts, or Contacts). We will now show all duplicates for all record types.
Inbound- We've added the ability to schedule call routing by day of the week.
List Progress Report- We did some updating to field names, fields that display, and overall performance
Permissions- Added the Allow Manual Dialing to Admin Permission Group.
Seek List- We’re making Opportunities a primary object in Seek Lists. This means you can query, serve up, set callbacks, and run Immediate Response on Opportunities. We’re also adding Last Call Time and Dials to Opportunities.
Seek List- We’re making Cases a primary object in Seek Lists. This means you can query, serve up, set callbacks, and run Immediate Response on Cases. We’re also adding Last Call Time and Dials to Cases.
Tasks- If you edit a task without a due date, the update won’t save. We’ve added an additional notification to let you know the task didn’t update.
Transfers- When a call is transfered we'll create 2 call tasks, one for each portion of the call. We'll attach the call recording for each portion of the call to the appropriate call task. 

Bug Fixes

Call Logging- Due to a Chrome update, Open Tasks weren’t always displaying in the Open Tasks window.
Call Logging- If you added the Type field to the Call Log and chose a value, that value was being overwritten to Call.
Call Logging- If you added a pick-list that had a default value to the Call Log, the default value wouldn’t populate.
Call Logging- When clicking Leave VM, we weren’t auto populating Left Voicemail as Call Result.
Call Logging- If you place an outbound call, then receive an inbound call before you log the outbound call, the outbound call log would get populated with the inbound call logs info.
Call Logging- In rare cases, notes entered into the Subject field wouldn't display in the Subject field of the task
Call Logging- Some inbound call numbers and subjects were replaced by previous outbound call.
Call Monitoring- Not all inbound calls would register correctly on the Call Monitoring page.
Call Recordings- In rare cases, some calls wouldn't record.
Callbacks- In some cases you would get a success message when creating a Callback, but it wouldn’t be created.
Callbacks- After creating a Callback, it would set correctly, but for some customers, in some cases, it wouldn’t be visible in Salesforce.
Callbacks- When setting a Callback for a record in Arizona, it wouldn’t default to 1 hour ahead.
Click-To-Call- Sporadically, it would take several clicks to place a call. Click-To-Call Sometimes you would have to click a phone number to call several times before a call would be placed.
Click-To-Call- After disconnecting a conference call, the rep would be unable to re-establish their Agent Leg.
Creating Tasks- We added a clarifying notification to let you know that a task isn't created because you don't have a due date.
Dialing- If the number you were trying to dial had a space in front of it, the system would treat it as an international call.
Do Not Call- If a rep tried several times to call a record with Do Not Call on it, they would be able to call the record in some circumstances.
Error Page- When displaying an error, we've been instructing the person receiving the error to email support@insidesales.com, now we're instructing them to "Please contact customer support at 866-593-2807".
Inbound- If you were on an outbound call and accepted in inbound call, the outbound call log would save for both the outbound and inbound calls.
Inbound- Disconnect button not launching JavaScript window for inbound calls. Inbound- Direct Inbound Number was missing as an option on the Manage Users page for some customers.
Inbound- If an inbound call came in for a record that existed in Salesforce, the rep wouldn't get a screen pop when they answered the call.
KPI's- In some rare cases, if you placed a call and dispositioned it as a Contact or Correct Contact, the KPI wasn't being awarded to the rep.
List Progress Report- Pending Callbacks (number of records removed from the list because of pending Callbacks) weren’t displaying accurately.
PowerDialer Window- On rare occasions, a lead would present as a contact. PowerDialer Window- Save button would move the rep to the next record. PowerDialer Window- Sometimes you were unable to complete open tasks from the sidebar.
PowerDialer Window- Sometimes, when saving a record in the PowerDialer, it will not allow the user to save the record saying that certain required fields need to filled out; however, those required fields are in conditional panels that are not currently displayed.
Response Pop- Some leads would fail to trigger a Response Pop.
Seek List- For some customers, routing by Account Teams was serving records up to the wrong people. Seek List Time zones are now accurate for Hawaii and Arizona. Seek List/Callbacks- Non-daylight savings time states (Hawaii and Arizona) were being treated as daylight savings time states.
Session Management- If you had a Salesforce page open with the Dialer Panel on it, it would extend the length of time before the page would expire and you would be logged out.
Transfers- Sometimes when transferring a call, the call would drop during the transfer. User Management- Filter by Role wouldn’t show results when assigning licenses or managing users.
Voice Messages- Admins couldn’t listen to Voice Messages that reps marked as private. 

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