Artificial intelligence (AI), depending on who you ask, will either destroy the human race, or it is the beginning of a new utopian society where humans needn’t work at all. The more pragmatic voices say it’s simply just another step in the development of automation: one which will finally deliver a true age of information.

In sales, traditional CRM and sales support applications are no longer enough to keep up with the speed of the market. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help build pipelines, close deals and expand relationships.

However, not just any AI will do. Sales organizations need practical AI, that comes pre-trained and delivers value out of the box. AI needs to self-adapt to changes in the market or sales environment. However, most AI for sales solutions don’t come close to these expectations, shows a Frost and Sullivan report.

Enter AI for Sales…Join Frost & Sullivan and to learn about the results of Artificial Intelligence applied to enterprise selling:

30% increase of revenue by disrupting sales systems with Practical AI
90 day window to show results using off-the-shelf AI solutions without custom coding
Everyday AI use is adopted by sales organizations through solutions that integrate with the CRM

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