Sales activity consistently spikes at the end of the month, but what managers don’t know is that this is costing them money. While sales reps stuff any opportunity, no matter how bad in the pipeline at the end of the month, win rates drop over 51%, shows research. But how do you manage pipeline hygiene and wean sales reps off of bad behaviors like opportunity stuffing or sandbagging?

Enter Artificial intelligence (AI) for forecasting and pipeline management tools.

AI can quickly scan and analyze billions of data points on CRM transactions and their outcomes, as well as external data to come up with predictions that are 30% more accurate than regular pipeline reviews.

This makes it much easier to produce realistic revenue projections that are based on hard data, and seamlessly navigate weekly pipeline review calls. 

Aaron Janmohamed, head of product marketing at, and Scott Smith, principal product manager for Predictive Pipeline™, will demo the next generation of Predictive Pipeline™, the AI-powered pipeline management and forecasting tool from

The demo will show how predictive analysis can increase the accuracy of your sales forecasts and help improve sales reps’ behavior related to sales forecasts. 

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