PowerDialer for Salesforce - Fall ‘17 Update

We are excited to announce the release of the PowerDialer for Salesforce Spring 18 update. This update includes improvements to Seek list creation, further support for Salesforce Lightning, auto-availability for inbound reps, and more.
To get the latest features, please install the latest version of the PowerDialer for Salesforce from the salesforce AppExchange here.

Key Enhancements

BETA - Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring has been re-architected to improve speed, simplify the UI, and allow for future enhancements. 

BETA - Best Phone Number (Predictive Feature)

If you load a record in Salesforce and it has multiple phone numbers, we'll check against our database of over 1 billion calls to see which of those numbers is the most likely to answer.

Added Date field type to Call Log

We've added the ability for you add a date field to the call log.

High Impact Mailer

Availability of a new feature that allows users to send a customized, physical note card to leads, accounts, and contacts in Salesforce. This feature has an additional monthly cost.

Simplified Call Results

We've reviewed our Call Results and have simplified the list to make your teams more efficient.

BETA - Real-time record validation for Seek

We've added real-time record validation for Seek. This means that when you're dialing through a Seek List, every time you hit Next Record, we check the record to ensure it still meets the list criteria before we serve it to you.

Bug Fixes

Area Code- 929 didn't have an area code associated to it
Call Log- When you put a field required by Salesforce on the Call Log, it would continually collapse after each autosave
Call Logging- If you called a lead, then converted the lead, when we updated the activity info, we'd re-assign the activity from the account and contact back to the lead
Call Logging- If you clicked on multiple numbers within seconds, we could create additional Activities.
Call Monitoring- If you had area code restrictions turned on, you weren't able to monitor certain EMEA phone numbers
Challenges- In some cases, Challenges would disappear after they completed
Domino List- A Domino List had to be launched before a user could see it in the Dialer Panel
Domino List- When you click to view the settings for a Domino List that was built off a report, the report field would be blank
Lighting- In Lighting you couldn't dial on Contact Roles
PowerDialer Window- When working on Accounts, the Contact phone number wouldn't allow you to dial
PowerStandings- In rare cases talk time would be slightly off in PowerStandings
PowerStandings- If 2 or more calls were made at the same second, only 1 of the calls would be reflected in PowerStandings
Seek List- When using Opportunities in Seek List, including records without phone numbers caused the list not to run effectively
Seek List- If a user has Edit permission for InsideSales custom objects they could edit Seek Lists they didn't own
Throwdown- In some instances when a user would issue a throwdown and another user would reject, points for winning would be awarded to the user issuing the throwdown
Transfer- When transferring a call, if the person receiving the transfer didn't answer, the error message, to the receiving party wouldn't display correctly 

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