PowerDialer for Salesforce - Winter ‘18 Update

We are excited to announce the release of the PowerDialer for Salesforce Spring 18 update. This update includes improvements to Seek list creation, further support for Salesforce Lightning, auto-availability for inbound reps, and more.
To get the latest features, please install the latest version of the PowerDialer for Salesforce from the salesforce AppExchange here.

Key Enhancements 

Call Recording Override (Package)

If you have call recordings restricted to area code 208, but in some instances you need to record those calls, the area code call recording restriction wouldn’t prevent you from recording them. Now you can give your reps the ability to override the area code call recording restriction with the Start Recording button on the Dialer Panel. If they hit that button, it will record the call, regardless of the area code call recording settings.

*Note: please talk to your CSM if you would like to enable this.

Click-To-Call Panel UI Update (Package)

We’ve updated our Dialer Panel! We’re working to simplify the design and make it more intuitive! Here’s what you’ll be seeing:

We’ve changed the colors, updated some features to a more modern UI and added call state information! We’ve also updated the Best Phone look.

BETA - Call State Visualization (Package)

Sometimes when you’re on a call, it can be hard to know what’s going on. We’ve added a call state section to the Dialer Panel so you can know what’s going on with your call. Here are the states we’ll show:

  • Ready to Connect --> agent leg not connected
  • Calling your phone. Ringing… --> Calling your station phone
  • Dialing out. Ringing… --> connected your agent leg, calling client
  • Call in progress --> on a call
  • Connected, ready to dial --> agent leg is connected, but not connected to a client

Callback - Removed Users (Package)

If a user sets a Callback on a record, that record won’t be pulled into a Seek List until after the Callback has been completed (served to the user). This could become an issue if a user set a lot of Callbacks and then left. Those records would be prevented from being pulled in to any Seek List. Now if a user is deactivated from InsideSales.com, we’ll remove any open Callbacks set by that user.

*Note: the Salesforce tasks for the Callbacks will still be present, we’ll remove the Callback on our side.

Domino - Activate Button (Package)

We’ve added an Activate button for Domino lists. This button will run the Domino list and populate it with records. You’re not required to Launch the Domino list to run it anymore.

*Best practice: don’t Activate or Launch a Domino list until your users are ready to use it. You want to make sure when it runs, it pulls all of the most recent records that apply.

Next Call (Package)

This button is similar to Next Record, but Next Call will load AND dial the next record in the list. To use this, add the Next Call button to your Dialer Panel.

*Best practice: don’t put Next Record and Next Call on the Dialer Panel at the same time. This can cause confusion if users get them confused and click the wrong one.

List Progress Report - Record Removal Details (Package)

When going to the List Progress Report, we’ve added visibility into how many records were removed for the following reasons:

  • Called
  • Recent Calls Removed
  • Callbacks Removed
  • Recently Touched
  • Starting List Count
  • Final List Count 

Troubleshoot Mode (Package)

When you’re experiencing issues, our Support team might have you turn this on. This collects important log information and sends that to InsideSales.com so we can more quickly identify and resolve issues. You can access Troubleshoot mode by going to Settings on the Dialer Panel.

Simplified Sandbox Authorization (Backend)

When you install the InsideSales.com app into a sandbox, the first time you authorize the sandbox or the first time authorizing after a refresh, you would have to get in touch with us to enable the sandbox. This step has been removed and you can authorize the sandbox without engaging us during the process.

Default Call Path (Package)

If you delete a Call Path that has a phone number(s) assigned to it, that number would be released from that Call Path. When a number is released, it isn’t assigned to any Call Path or user. This means when someone calls it, they will get a disconnected message. The same thing will happen for a Direct Inbound Number assigned to a user, if that user is removed from InsideSales.com.

Now any numbers that aren’t assigned to a Call Path or as a Direct Inbound Number will follow the Default Call Path. This will prevent numbers from being released. To set your Default Call Path, go to the InsideSales tab then Manage Call Paths then click the Default Button. 

BETA - Inbound - Custom Object Lookup (Package)

When you have an inbound call, we let you search Accounts, Contacts, and Leads for the phone number calling in. We’re adding the ability to search a custom object.

*Note: you will be limited to 1 custom object. Please talk to your CSM if you  would like to use this!

Bug Fixes

Billing- We've updated our billing links to direct to our new billing pages
Call Log- When placing custom checkbox fields on the Call Log, sometimes you wouldn't be able to access the field
Call Log- If filling out the Call Log for an outbound call and an inbound call is received, the outbound call notes would be lost
Call Log- The system would give an error when trying to log a call to an account with 10,000+ contacts
Call Logging- In rare instances, calls would get stuck while logging and wouldn't finish logging
Callback- When setting a Callback in Lightning, Their Time would be set 6 hours ahead of Your Time
Callback- When setting a callback on an opportunity, Their Time won't be populated if you don't have a primary contact assigned to that opportunity
Dialer Panel- In rare situations when using Lightning, you couldn't reset the panel
Inbound- If you had multiple inbound arbitrator windows open, we would pop a record for each arbitrator you had open
Inbound- In rare instances, when missing na inbound call, we would display a message saying you missed a Group Ring call
International Dialing- EU local call would fail if the numbers started with 011
Seek List- If you're using opportunities in Seek and routing to Record Owner, we would route by Account Owner, we've changed that route to Opportunity Owner Seek List- When pressing Next Record, sometimes the Query Name field wouldn't populate
Seek List- Some accounts were being served to their pervious owner

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