PowerDialer for Salesforce - Spring ‘18 Update

We are excited to announce the release of the PowerDialer for Salesforce Spring 18 update. This update includes improvements to Seek list creation, further support for Salesforce Lightning, auto-availability for inbound reps, and more.
To get the latest features, please install the latest version of the PowerDialer for Salesforce from the salesforce AppExchange here.

Key Enhancements

Report Based Seek List  - BETA (Package)

For organizations with very complex Seek lists, it can take a lot of time to create all the right filters to get records into the dialer. With this enhancement, managers can now simply point Seek list dialing rules to Salesforce reports. Dramatically simplifying the work it takes to create a Seek list, while enabling managers to have a better idea of what records are in the list.
With this enhancement, Seek lists are no longer restricted to just leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. To pull in other objects, simply create a report on that object and point the Seek list to that report.
All reports must have an owner ID field and a record ID field. A Seek list can only use Queries or Reports, but cannot use both.

Automatic Availability for Inbound (Package)

Once a rep ends an inbound call it can be hard to remember to manually mark themselves as available for inbound calls again. With this release administrators can determine how long a rep has to wrap up their call before automatically being set as available again - eliminating the risk of reps forgetting to set themselves as ready again.
To enable automatic availability:

  1. Click on the InsideSales tab in Salesforce
  2. Click Manage Company Settings
  3. Navigate to Dialer Settings
  4. Enable Auto-Available for Inbound
  5. Set the time in seconds a rep has before automatically going available after a call (default is 4 seconds).

NOTE: This enhancement does not automatically log a user into inbound. Reps must set themselves available once initially and then the system will begin automatically marking them as available.
This feature is not enabled by default, to access this feature please contact Support.

Improved Email Template Folders (Package)

When a rep presses the Send Email button, they are shown all of the email template folders that they have access to in Salesforce. For some reps, this means hundreds of folders are displayed to a rep. To help reduce the clutter, managers can now determine which email template folders reps have access to from the PowerDialer.
To restrict which template folders are displayed:

  1. Click on the InsideSales tab in Salesforce
  2. Click Manage Company Settings
  3. Select the desired template folders from the “Accessible Template Folders” field
  4. Save company settings

New Default Logging Placeholder Values (Package)

When a rep completes a call, the PowerDialer automatically logs the call to Salesforce. When the PowerDialer tries to save a call to Salesforce, if there are any required fields on the activity in Salesforce that are not filled out on the call, the call cannot save to Salesforce. With this release if a required field doesn’t have a value, the PowerDialer will enter a default value in empty required fields so the task still successfully saves to Salesforce. The default for number fields is “9999” and “Req_field_not_set” for text fields.

Activate Domino Lists (Package)

When a Domino list is created through the “Create List” button on a list view, it now must be activated by a rep by clicking the new Activate button. This enables reps to create Domino lists and decide to work them later.

PowerStandings Added to Lightning UI (Package)

The PowerStandings sidebar tool can now be accessed directly from within Salesforce Lightning UI.

To add PowerStandings to Lightning UI:

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup >> Apps >> App Manager
  2. On the edit screen click on “Utility Bar” and click the Add button
  3. Scroll to the bottom and in the custom category look for PowerstandingsWidgetIf this is not displayed, then you’ll need to setup a “My Domain” by clicking on “Deploy My Domain”
  4. Click the PowerstandingsWidget, give it a name, select an icon
  5. Set the panel width to 224 and 360 height
  6. Check the box for “Load the background when app opens”
  7. Click Save

Once the panel has been enabled, reps will see it displayed next to the dialer button on each page in Lightning.

Rep Queue - Assign reps by SFDC Role and Manager (Package)

Managers can now assign reps to Inbound Rep Queues using roles or managers. As reps come and go, managers will no longer have to manually adjust who is invited to a rep queue.
NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default, to access this feature please contact Support.

Bug Fixes

Call Transfers- Resolved an issue where when rep A transferred a call to rep B, rep B was unable to log their call
Call Transfers- Resolved an issue where when rep A tried to transfer a call and the person receiving the transfer didn't accept, rep A wouldn't be able to try transferring to someone else.    
Dialer Panel-
Resolved an issue where when using Lightning, in some cases reps couldn't access the Settings menu
Dialer Panel- Resolved an issue where in some rare cases the Disconnect button would grey out requiring reps to hand up their station phone to end the call
Dialer Panel- For organizations using the Salesforce console, managers can now set a max height for the panel using the metadata type
Dialer Panel- PowerDialer now pulls in more phone numbers into the best phone scoring
Dialer Panel- Resolved an issue where the dialer panel does not stay minimized in the console
Call Logging-
Resolved an issue where in some rare cases, the call log would give you an error saying "Collection is read-only" and wouldn't let reps save
Call Logging- Resolved an issue where the Call Log wouldn't always hand special characters correctly
Managers can now delete all callbacks owned bya  specific user that are due in a user specified date range
Call Paths-
Improved the user experience of duplicating call paths
Call Paths- Resolved an issue where when clicking Save As on a call path, the Rep Queue name wouldn't update when you changed it, making reporting difficult
User Authentication-
Improved the user experience of authenticating to PowerDialer
User Authentication-
Resolved an issue where users would get an error when editing a user
Domino List-
Resolved an issue where Domino lists could not be cloned in some situations
Salesforce Lighting-
Updated a number ofo pages to further support Salesforce LightingUI

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