Save yourself some time by creating a professional email signature in your Personal Settings.

To Create an Email Signature

  1. Click the logo
  2. In the menu, click Settings
  3. Select the “Email” tab
  4. Put your cursor in the Email Signature box to and begin typing.
  5. Click SAVE

NOTE: You can copy and paste your existing email signature from email client. In the example below, the email client signature is in a table. The table is copied over as well. Images will have to be uploaded separately.

Adding Images and Hyperlinks to Signature

Enhance your email signature with images and hyperlinks. Be aware of the size of your images; there is a 5 MB limit. When you upload an image to your signature, you'll have the opportunity to specify the dimensions. Bare in mind that this must look good in an email client window.

Supported Image file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF

Below is an example of adding an image then adding a hyperlink to the image to redirect clicks to our Facebook user group.

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