As reps use Playbooks, they are ranked and displayed on leaderboards both
in the extension and optionally on TV displays. So, Reps are encouraged to upload a custom picture that represents them. 

Profile Image Guidelines

  • The file format must be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG
  • It must be at least 300 x 300 pixels
  • Recommended ratio is 1:1. (Crop your photo ahead of time as the display shape is always square and uncropped images will be distorted.)
  • At least 1MB

To Upload a Profile Picture

  1. Click the logo
  2. In the menu, click Settings
  3. Select the “Preferences” tab
  4. Click Edit under the profile image box 
  5. Drag or click to upload an image, press save

To Update a Profile Picture with a GIF

  1. First find the GIF that you want to upload. Sites like have a huge repository and something for everyone. Just remember to keep it professional.
  2. Once you find the GIF, right click on the image and select "Save image as" and save to your specified destination.
  3. Then open your Playbooks Personal Settings
  4. Click Edit under your profile image
  5. Browse or Click and Drag the GIF to the pop-up window.
  6. Lastly, click Save.

Where is my Picture displayed?

Your selected image will be displayed on team leaderboards and the personal ranking view.

Best Practices

  • Rule #1 is keep it professional. 
  • Think of a theme for the month or the quarter for the whole team. Ideas: baby pictures, favorite sports team, pets & kids, ironic / inspiration posters, vacation pics.
  • Encourage competition between teams where the losing team must update their images to winners choice.
  • Add some art and culture with your #ArtSelfie

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