Update Summary 

We are excited to announce a number of improvements to Playbooks. This release introduces several new features, including a Neuralytics feature that verifies contact information, new gamification Leaderboards, and more.This update will automatically be applied - there is no need to download anything. If for any reason you do not see the features below, you may need to uninstall the extension and reinstall it from the Google Chrome Store. This release is version 1.3020.0

NeuralVerify Phone/Email Analysis

Nothing is more frustrating for a rep than repeatedly calling a phone number that is never answered or sending emails that are never replied to. NeuralVerify solves this problem by analyzing each phone number and email, and indicating if other reps on the Playbooks product have had success with that contact information.

When a prospect loads, look for the blue NeuralVerify shield - if the shield is there, it has been recently verified. Click on the shield to see the last time it was verified.

New Leaderboards

Prior to this update, leaderboards were limited to showing only points earned, but not specific KPIs. With this release, managers can now create TV leaderboards that show how many dials, emails, and other KPIs a rep has achieved.

In addition to showing counts for KPIs, leaderboards are now found in their own tab in the Playbooks Manager app, making it easier than ever to find, create, and manage leaderboards. To create a new leaderboard, go to the Leaderboard tab in the Manager App and click the green create icon on the top right of the page.

NeuralSend Default Option

Getting the attention of your prospects via email can be tough. Using NeuralSend, emails are sent at the optimal time to reach your prospects. With this release, reps can choose to default all of their emails to NeuralSend. To set NeuralSend as the default, login to the extension, go to Settings, Email Settings, and enable "Default to NeuralSend"

Other Product Improvements

  • Added the Batang and Nanum Gothic fonts to the email editor.¬†
  • Resolved an issue where custom phone numbers were no longer displayed in the caller-id dropdown.
  • Resolved several issues with fonts being displayed incorrectly in the email editor.
  • Resolved several issues related to dispositioning and logging calls.¬†
  • Resolved several issues related to NeuralSend causing Playbooks to run slow.
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