When you load an email task, you’ll see a green button that says “Send Now”. Before sending the email, it is recommended that you review the template that will be used.  As desired, you can alter the template prior to sending the email or select a new template. Once you are ready to send the email, press the email button.

Using a Different Template

When the an email task is presented, a rep can choose to use a different template instead of the template that is presented. This enables reps to choose the template that best fits the particular prospecting motion with an individual prospect.

To use a different template, follow these steps:

  1. Open email task
  2. Click the Template button in the bottom left
  3. Select a template, then press Send Now

CC and BCC

Prior to sending an email, a user can choose to include additional email addresses to send an outbound email to using the CC and BCC options. Emails that are sent that contain additional CC and BCC email addresses are tracked, but if anyone recipient opens the email it will be attributed to the main prospect being added.

Multiple email addresses can be entered into the CC and BCC field by separated the email addresses with a comma.

To send an email using CC or BCC, follow these steps:

  1. Open email task 
  2. To the right of the TO email address, click CC or BCC
  3. Enter in the desired email addresses separated by comma
  4. Send email

Changing Email Address to Send to:

Before sending an email, a rep can optionally select a different email address to email the person at if the person has multiple email addresses saved in Playbooks.

To select a different email address to send to, follow these steps:

  1. Load an email task
  2. Next to the persons current email, click into the drop-down
  3. Select desired email address
  4. Press send.

Note: The drop-down for additional email addresses will only appear if
there are actually multiple email addresses tied to the record.

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