New Playbooks users will be guided thru key setup steps with our automated 'First Time User Experience'; things like installing the Chrome extension, adding a phone number for the Agent Leg, and connecting to the CRM.

But to be 100% complete, New Users can use this checklist:

Personal Preferences Settings (Menu > Settings > Preferences)

  • Add a Profile Pic. From Settings, go to the Preferences tab. This can be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG file.
  • Select the Role that most closely fits your job description. (Included in first time user experience.)
  • Turn on Desktop Notifications for important event alerts such as receiving an email reply or reminders to complete scheduled callbacks.
  • Manage your Daily Snapshot email updates
  • (Neuralytics Customers Only) Opt to display the Neural Score of a record in Playbooks. This score will identify the likelihood of the record to close on a scale of 1 - 99.

CRM Settings (Menu > Settings > CRM)

  • Connect to CRM  (Included in first time user experience.)
  • Change CRM View. This controls the record presented when a Play task is presented that is associated with both a Contact and an Opportunity.

Phone Settings (Menu > Settings > Phone)

Email Settings (Menu > Settings > Email)

  • Connect to to your email service provider so you can send emails from Playbooks (Included in first time user experience.)
  • Enable NeuralSend as your default when sending email.
  • Enable Click-to-Email which will hyperlink email address fields allowing you to send email from Playbooks and track in CRM.
  • Add an Email Signature

Now Go Do!

Now that you've gone thru all the personal settings you are in good shape to perform some key actions in Playbooks and your CRM. (Some of these are included in the built-in 'Onboarding Experience'.) Review the video in this article that demonstrates a lot of these exercises.

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