Updated Notification Feed

With this update, we've completely replaced the Notification Feed backend. The end result is a notification feed that shows notifications faster, loads faster, and is more reliable. A number of other product issues related to the notification feed have also been resolved. Furthermore, reps can now scroll through the feed and see notifications that are up to six days old. There is no need to learn a new notification feed experience - the user experience is the same as it was before.  

Improved Product Support Features

 We want to enable reps to focus on what they do best, and not spend time reporting and troubleshooting product challenges. With the new improved product support features, sales reps can now report product issues, chat with InsideSales.com support reps live, and read help articles to learn more about Playbooks all without having to leave playbooks.

Accessing the new support features is easy - simply open the extension, go to the menu, and click "Support & Feedback" 

Other Product Improvements

  • Added support for SSO to Salesforce Sandboxes accounts. To login to a sandbox, on the login screen click the down arrow next to SSO to Salesforce and select sandbox.
  • Improved the user experience around email template tagging. 
  • Made a number of improvements to the list view import process. 
  • Resolved a display issue with the Add to Playbooks button not appearing in Lightning UI in Salesforce correctly.
  • Resolved a number of issues with inserting images into emails. 
  • Resolved a number of issues with scheduled calls not appearing in the notification feed.
  • Resolved an issue with sending test emails.
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