As a cadence tool, Playbooks can assist with the structure of tasks including who should complete the task, when the task should be completed, and what kind of task. But the tool is only as effective as the reps that use it. 

When a Lead or Contact record is enrolled in a Play, Playbooks will push the "Playbooks Next Step Due Date" to that Lead or Contact record. Create a report using this field to look for tasks that are not being completed, and coaching opportunities with the Reps that may be falling behind.
(Playbooks Next Step Due Date is part of the Playbooks Basic Fields and Reports unmanaged package. If you need more information about where to get this field,
view this article.

Step 1 - Create a Leads of Contacts report.

Step 2 - Adjust the filtering to encompass your team's Leads/Contacts or All Leads/Contacts. Also change the filter date to Created Date, from the beginning of time (or something that makes sense for your data.)
Next, add a filter records with a "Playbooks Next Step Due Date" less than TODAY.

Step 3 - Change the report type to Matrix Format, then summarize the data by adding the correct owner field to the row grouping, and the "Playbooks Next Step Due Date" as the column grouping.
Next, group the "Playbooks Next Step Due Date" by Calendar Week.

AND VOILA! You've got a tidy report that shows who has past due tasks.

For greater insight, include the "Playbooks Play Name" in the row grouping to see which Play is being most neglected.

Variation: Change the report type to a Summary Format then include in a Dashboard to highlight who's falling behind. 

Note: The "Playbooks Next Step Due Date" will update as soon as a record is enrolled in a Play, even if the "Playbooks Play Status" is Not Started.

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