Chrome Slowness Issue

Last week Google released an update to Chrome that caused certain Chrome extensions to slow down the Chrome browser for some reps. Although this issue was caused by Google making a change to Chrome, with this release we have updated the extension to handle the changes that Google made more efficiently.

Playbooks Activity History

Reps can now easily review past interactions with a prospect all from directly within Playbooks without needing to pull the prospect up in the CRM. From the activity feed, reps can review notes, calls, emails, listen to call recordings, see email interactions, and more. To access the activity feed, simply click on the Activity tab while viewing a prospect in Playbooks. Notes are still in the product, they simply are part of the activity feed.

Updated Threaded Email Support

Prospects are more likely to engage with you if you can catch their eye in their inbox. With Threaded Email support, now when a rep sends an email it can be a reply to an email they've previously sent - helping it stand out. To set up threaded emails, edit or create an email step in a Play and select an email from the field that says "Send as a reply to thread". When threaded emails are enabled, reps will see the thread in the compose screen as they complete the step. 

Improved First-Time User Experience

It can be difficult to learn a new app. To help, we've released an updated first-time user experience which will walk all new users through the basics of Playbooks. Now, all new users who first login will be prompted through an improved setup experience - walking them through how to do things like add prospects to plays, making calls, sending emails, and more.

Existing users will not be shown the first-time user experience.

Wait Time in Hours/Minutes

Up until this release, a Play could have multiple steps due in a single day but it was not possible to space those interactions out throughout the day. With this release, Plays can now be created with intra-day tasks, spaced out by minutes or hours. For example, users can now create Plays that do things like after a call is placed, automatically send a follow-up email 15 minutes later.

To set up intra-day wait times:

  1. Create or edit a Play 
  2. Add a wait time action by clicking on the clock icon 
  3. Set the wait to be either next day (current functionality) or set the desired number of hours/minutes.

Other Product Improvements

  • For email open notifications coming from emails where Playbooks can't determine the opener reps will now see that 1 of X recipients opened the email along with a list of those recipients. 
  • Updated the mouse-over tooltips throughout the app to make them more understandable.
  • Updated the user experience for loading the expanded email screen. 
  • Resolved an issue where accessing notes after a call caused the app to freeze. 
  • Resolved an issue where the send later feature was ignoring changes made to the template.
  • Resolved a handful of display issues in Salesforce Lightning UI.
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