In order for reps to understand which of their email content is getting noticed, Playbooks tracks open, click, and forward interactions. Email forward notifications in particular can help reps know when their prospects are truly engaged and which content is truly resonating. 

In order to understand email forwards it's important for reps to understand how forward tracking works. There are two categories, sure forwards and possible forwards that we'll cover below.

Sure Forwards

When a recipient opens an email sent through Playbooks, a cookie is placed on the device that did the opening. From that point forward Playbooks remembers who owns that device. 

If someone opens an email on a device that Playbooks has cookie'd and is not owned by the original recipient then Playbooks recognizes a forward. In this case Playbooks knows for certain that a forward occurs and will show a notification for the open by the forwardee: 

and the forward action by the forwarder: 

Possible Forwards

There are also Playbooks notifications that indicate there was likely a forward. 

When the exact same notification is triggered many times (as a rough rule of thumb we say above 7 times) it is often due to the email being forwarded to and opened by recipients whom Playbooks has not cookie'd. Playbooks doesn't know who these recipients are so it attributes it to the original recipient but these are often an indication of a forward. 

A Word of Caution

It should be noted that open and forward tracking are not exact sciences. Some email clients block tracking pixels, and cookies can sometimes be attributed to the wrong recipient. If a notification looks strange, it's probably not true. 

That said, with an understanding of how email forward tracking works, reps can gain otherwise unattainable insight into how prospects are receiving their message. 

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