Where can I view notifications?

When you get a new notification, you will see an orange number over the bell in the top right corner and the number indicating the number of new notifications.

Types of Notifications

  • Email Open
  • Link Clicked
  • Email forwarded
  • Attachment Downloads

Attachment Tracking

One of the most powerful tools a rep has is the ability to know when a prospect opens an email. With this release, reps now have the ability to know when a prospect downloads an attachment. Using attachment tracking, reps know the exact moment that a prospect downloads a proposal, or other sales material. These notifications will appear in the notification feed in Playbooks like other email notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I view reports in CRM of these notifications?
    Email Open and Link Clicks can be reported back to Salesforce. These reporting options are not available in Dynamics. For more information on how to build these Advanced Email Tracking Reports start here.
  • Can I disable all email tracking?
    Not at this time, but this is a feature on our road map.
  • Can I disable email tracking using the "Do Not Track" settings in the Playbooks Manager, by adding a range of
    No. That setting will only prevent Playbooks users from seeing notifications in their Playbooks extension. It does not prevent the tracking data from being added to the email.
  • How long will notifications be stored?
    Only notifications for the past 6 days are displayed. There is no cap on the number of notifications.
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