Call quality issues are tricky because the problem could lie with any number of systems involved in the call (your phone carrier, InsideSales phone carrier, your data network, Playbooks, etc). Use the following flow diagram as a starting point to identify the issue, perform basic troubleshooting, and know what your next step should be.

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Logging a Call Quality Incident

At the end of each call you are given the opportunity to log a Call Quality Incident. The video below displays how to complete this in a few, simple steps.

Call Quality Incident Options:

  • Call Static - Crackling is an irregular form of very light static, similar to the sound a fire makes.
  • Call Choppy - Choppy voice describes the sound when there are gaps in the voice. Syllables appear to be dropped or badly delayed in a start and stop fashion.
  • Low Audio Volume - A fluctuating voice is when the volume of the voice increases and decreases in a wave fashion. If this occurs rapidly it can be confused with some form of garbled voice.
  • Delay in Audio - When you feel like you are talking over the other person (due to the audio delay)
  • Call Dropped Mid Call - If both the agent and customer were connected on a call, but the customer leg was dropped prematurely.
  • Call Did Not Connect - If you were presented the "Call Disposition" options, but customer never connected or you heard no system message.
  • Delay After Click - Significant delay connecting the customer to the call after agent was connected.

Adding a Description

When entering a brief description, consider adding relevant information like the examples below to assist the ISDC telephony team's investigation:

  1. Geography – Call quality issues can be specific to location/carrier. Where were you calling from / to?
  2. Was the issue persistent during the entire call, or just partially?
  3. Was this a known cell phone number?
  4. If you disconnected from the call, then manually dialed the prospect back (without using the dialer panel) did the call quality persist?

When an incident is logged the most recent call data is attached to that incident. This allows InsideSales to investigate, track phone carrier data, resolve in the background, or reach out to the impacted customers.

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