E.164 is an internationally recognized standard for phone number format consisting of: [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code]

  • Must start with a "+"
  • Maximum of 15 digits, excluding the country code prefix
  • Does not include an exit code


  • An example of a correctly formatted number is: +44 20 7930 7530.
    This number includes the "+", followed by the UK country code "44". Also the area code ("20") and subscriber number ("7930 7530") do not exceed 15 digits.
  • An incorrectly formatted number is: +011 44 20 7930 7530.
    This example includes the North American exit or trunk code "011" which is not necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the country code necessary for U.S. domestic calls?
    No, but we highly recommend formatting all phone numbers in your CRM to the E.164 standard to avoid any complications
  • What if I don't enter the country code on an international (non-U.S.) number?
    The system will assume the same country code of the dialing user is intended on that dial, and the call will most likely fail.
  • Does the InsideSales system change or alter the phone number stored in the CRM record?
    No. The record will not be altered when a dial is made. However, the system recognizes the "+" sign as a signal to insert the exit code and ignores all other non-numberic characters include spaces, dashes, and parenthesis when placing calls.
  • Can I call a number with an extension (in the phone field)?
    Yes, but the extension will be ignored by the system and you will have to manually enter the extension when prompted on your phone or using the dialer panel.
  • Why are date fields and other non-phone number fields being hyperlinked and reformatted to E.164 format?
    Some European customers have reported that date fields and other non-phone number fields are being hyperlinked incorrectly and the numbers have been re-formatted to E.164 format. See this article for more information.
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