Who Has Access to the Billing Portal?

The Billing Portal is restricted to key account representatives referred to as the "Billing Admin".
Most often these individuals are identified when the initial contract is signed with InsideSales.com. Work with your Customer Success Manager to adjust the Billing Admin as needed.

Where do I access the Billing Portal?

There is a direct link to the billing portal inside the Playbooks Manager App next to the Logout button.

Alternatively you can sign in through the community portal as outlined below.

  1. The Billing Admin needs to log into the InsideSales Community Portal 
  2. You will be prompted for your portal credentials. The email may be the same as your Playbooks Account, but these two credentials are not linked.

3. In the Community click the tab called “Billing Portal” which will bring you to the Apttus Billing Portal.

4. Once you are re-directed to the Apttus Billing Portal, “Purchased Products” tab is the default view. This tab will show all the existing licenses you have.

Navigating the Portal

Orders Tab

The Orders tab shows all present and past orders. Customers can:

  • Filter their orders by date or can enter a specific date for an order
  • Sort orders by Order Date or Amount
  • Click into an order to view order details
  • View at-a-glance details like total price, status (either activated or pending).

Account Tab

From the Account Tab you can obviously view account details and:

  • Update your account  information like phone number, email address, and billing address.
    (NOTE: when updating your phone number it must be in the correct format of '5554443333', and make sure your mouse clicker changes to a hand. Otherwise nothing happens when you click the "Update Account" button.)
  • Add Payment Method
  • Choose if a payment method "Is Default" or "Is One Time" use.

Purchased Products Tab

From this tab you can:

  •  View all purchased products
  • Add "Credit" to Dialer Minutes
  • Manage / add licenses

Invoices Tab

This is where you can view all invoices from InsideSales.com.

  • Drill down into an invoice by clicking "View Invoice Details". From that view you can print/download the invoice if necessary. All historical invoices will NOT have an attachment.
  • Filter and sort invoices by date or amount

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell if I have access to the Billing Portal?
    If you DO NOT have access to the Billing Portal, when you click the "Billing Portal" link on the community page you will be brought to a nearly blank screen that only says "new billing portal coming soon" in the top right corner.
  • How can I find out who is the Billing Admin?
    Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team for assistance in identifying who the Billing Admin is. 
  • If I have a Billing question or dispute who should I contact?
    Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team for assistance.
  • How do I purchase additional licenses?
    Please view this article as your guide.
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