In addition to the step-by-step Setup Guide, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of the following users:

  • Playbooks Administrator
  • Office365 Global Administrator
  • Non-Interactive User

Playbooks Administrator

This user will be the first user to login to the Playbooks account via the Playbooks Manager. When the account is provisioned an email will be sent to this user's email address which kicks-off the "Playbooks Manager One Time Setup".

The Playbooks Administrator can be someone that would assist managers in adding users and teams, creating Plays and email templates, and staying on top of other operations like managing call recording exceptions. Think of this user as "Sales Operations". will need the Playbooks Administrator's email address and CRM UID in order to provision a Playbooks Account.

Office365 Global Administrator

This user's credentials will be needed immediately after the Playbooks Administrator first logs into the Playbooks Manager

  1.  The Playbooks Administrator will login to the Playbooks Manager and be prompted to "Connect to Dynamics".
  2. The Office365 Global Administrator will need to enter their credentials in order to authorize Playbooks as a 3rd party application allowed to connect to Dynamics.

Since this is usually an I.T. resource, and not often the Playbooks Administrator, here are some suggestions on how to coordinate with the Office365 Global Administrator (in order to obtain their credentials):

  • Request the Office365 Global Administrator remote login to the Playbooks Administrator's workstation and enter their credentials.
  • Schedule a screen share session where the Playbooks Administrator can pass the keyboard & mouse controls to the Office365 Global Administrator.
  • The Playbooks Administrator can set up a generic Playbooks password that can be shared with the Office365 Global Administrator, then changed after authorization is completed.

Non-Interactive User

This user's credentials are needed after the Office365 Global Administrator authorizes Playbooks as a 3rd Party Application to connect with Dynamics.
More information about the Non-Interactive User is available in this article.

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