When a user loads a phone call task, they’ll see a green button that says “Call”. Before placing the call, it is recommended that the user reviews the Cue which helps inform them what to talk about on the call. Once the user is ready to place the call, press the Call button.

To end the call, press the red End Call button. Once a call is disconnected Playbooks will prompt the user to select a disposition that records the outcome of the call. Before you can move to the next task, you must select a disposition. The Call Log (notes) are optional. 

Current Call Dispositions & Definitions 

  • No Answer - Prospect didn't answer but no voicemail was left
  • Left Voicemail - Voicemail was left (either custom or pre-recorded)
  • Contact - Reached someone (gate keeper or receptionist) but not the desired prospect 
  • Correct Contact - Reached the desired individual 
  • Disconnected Number - Message played that the number is no longer in service
  • Wrong Number - Call is going to the wrong person or company entirely 

Call Log

There is a character limit of 256 in the Call Log (notes). These notes will be posted to the task Description field in CRM.

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