Pre-Built Reports

During a Playbooks Implementation, we strongly recommend that you install the "Playbooks Basic Fields and Reports" Unmanaged Package into Salesforce. This will provide you with sample reports to get you started.
If you don't see the "Playbooks" reports folder speak to your Salesforce Administrator to confirm that the folder exists and that you have access to it.
Modify the existing reports by manipulating the date range, filters, data groups, and charts.

Reports in the Basic Unmanaged Package

  • Call Recordings by Rep
  • Call Result Detailed View
  • Calls by Rep - Daily
  • Correct Contact Rate by Step Number
  • Playbooks Emails by Rep - Weekly
  • Playbooks Enrollment Status by Play
  • Playbooks Enrollment Status by Rep
  • Prospecting Activities by Rep - This Week
  • My Playbooks Task - Next 7 Days
  • Play Success by Rep
  • Play Success by Play
  • Talk Time by Rep - Daily
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