Playbooks Leaderboard will provide live statistics with how your reps are performing for the month. Reps will be given points for completing specific actions within Playbooks.

Points are given for the following actions

  • Call Placed = 1 pt
  • Contact = 1 pt
  • Correct Contact = 2 pts
  • Phone calls over 2 mins = 5 pts
  • Email = 1 pt
  • Play Successful = 5 pt

You can easily check how well you are doing compared to other members on your team. To do this, click on your points and a mini-leaderboard will be displayed, showing how many points you have earned in the current calendar month compared to other members on your team.

Note: You are able to open multiple Ledaerboards within your browser. To be able to rotate through multiple Ledaerboards you can use a Chrome extension Revolver that will allow you to rotate between each board

For more information on the reps perspective of Leaderboards click the button below

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