Let's pretend you created a beautiful Play for your reps which incorporates best practices, marketing materials, and long term strategy. But how do you know your team is actually dialing and emailing those targeted records when presented the record from a Play instead of simply browsing to the record in CRM and using Click to Call or Click to Email?

Use this adoption report to identify reps that need extra coaching.

Step 1 - Create or modify a Call Report

I would recommend starting with the "Calls by Rep Today" report in the Playbooks folder.

If you need to create a new report, create an Activities report for Completed Tasks. 

Step 2 - Choose "My Teams Activities" or "All Activities" 

This depends on whose activities you are monitoring.

Step 3 - Choose Date Range

Using the "Date" or "Playbooks Call Date" field select the appropriate date range. Since adoption should be a study over time you could create one report looking at LAST MONTH and another report looking at THIS MONTH.

Step 4 - Add or verify Filter

For a dials report add a filter for "Playbooks Step Type" equals "Phone".
For an email report add a filter for "Playbooks Step Type" equals "Email".

Step 5 - Set to Matrix format

Step 6 - Group data by "Playbooks Play Name"

Drag the field "Playbooks Play Name" to the first drop zone of the report. This will allow you to see dials made from each Play.

Step 7 - Analyze the data

If a dial or email task is the result of Click to Call or Click to Email, then the Playbooks Play Name will be blank. But it will be present on this report in the far left "blank" column.

Report Variations

  • Filter to ONLY see Click to Call or Click to Email activities. Add a filter "Playbooks Play Name" equals blank.
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